Mississippi Coliseum: Jackson, Mississippi


Coliseum Before Renovation

Officials of the State of Mississippi instructed the Architects to design a Re-Birth of the Coliseum exterior by replacing the 1960 orange and yellow “Circus Tent” design with a concept reflecting the current, more sophisticated attitude exhibited by the State of Mississippi.  The existing 3’ x 5’ painted panels were replaced with reflective vision and spandrel glass units.  The vertical running pattern of the old units were retained with the new glass system to preserve some presence of the old panel modules.  The new reflective skin visually lightens the building allowing it to become more of a participant in the Fairground complex and its many activities including the annual Mississippi State Fair.  The existing white membrane roofing was removed and new copper roofing now provides a permanent covering.  As the copper patinas the building will assume the appearance of most of the Capitol city’s landmarks with their green patina caps.  The interior is revitalized with new finishes and seating.  A variety of tiles, rubber flooring and the staining of existing concrete floors provides the desired sophisticated quality and maintains the durability necessary for more than 242,000 visitors a year that occupy the Coliseum.

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