Firm Overview

• Hollomon Architecture, P.A., and The Hollomon Group, Inc., the museum and exhibit design extension of Hollomon Architecture, P.A., have established a reputation as an imaginative and progressive design firm. The recognition we have received for our designs is balanced by our technical proficiency. Our ability to bring artistic expression to difficult architectural conditions is essential to the realization of the client’s vision. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce high quality designs, executed within the parameters of function, budget, and time. More than the project and its components . . . design, technology, service . . . we possess a unique vision of and a commitment to the Art of Design.

• Hollomon Architecture and The Hollomon Group offer a select team of seasoned professionals, along with young and creative designers. Our office has enjoyed a close working relationship for many years with our media and engineering consultants, of whom many are small business and / or minority - owned business enterprises.

• The computer aided design system (CADD) as well as three-dimensional design programs for the production of design and contract documents are a vital part of our office. These tools enable us and our consultants to produce construction documents with extreme speed and accuracy, as well as easily transferring documents directly to our United States, European, and Asian team counterparts. 

1543 Brobridge Drive / Jackson, Mississippi 39211

 tel (601) 957-9660 


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