Patriotism Experience: War Memorial Building, Jackson, Mississippi

Flag Gallery

A joint venture project with Commarts of Jackson Mississippi.

Aimed at a young audience, the Patriotism Experience explores the concept of patriotism in a unique environment that engages the senses through color, images, special lighting and sound; and encourages participation through contemporary dual screen interactive computers and touchable objects.

Featuring images and objects that evoke pride in being an American, the exhibit highlights the roles and duties of American citizens, weather active in the military, or as ordinary citizens, as vital for the establishment and maintenance of freedom and democracy.

Offering visitors an effortless and enjoyable means of both accessing and challenging one’s knowledge about historical events, personalities, symbols, and the foundation of America, the exhibit promises an engaging and motivating sensory experience.

1543 Brobridge Drive / Jackson, Mississippi 39211

 tel (601) 957-9660 


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