U.S. Pavilion World Expo 2005: Aichi, Japan

Front Facade

Over the years, World Expos have featured some of the most exciting endeavors in invention, art, and technology - including the telephone in 1876 and the Eiffel Tower in 1889. Since their debut in London 1851, World Expos have built a tradition of celebrating the accomplishments of history, highlighting the challenges of the present, and reaffirming the promise of the future.

The United States was honored to be a participant in World EXPO 2005, the first world’s fair of the new Millennium. This international event brought people together from around the globe to celebrate “Nature’s Wisdom,” the deep connection between humankind and nature that is the essence of our past and the key to our future. More than 120 countries participated, with numerous national and regional pavilions contributing to a unique perspective on the EXPO’a theme of Nature’s Wisdom.

Pavilion Team: Architect, Hollomon Architecture, P.A. - Show Design Production and Exhibits, BRC Imagination Arts - VIP Suite Design, Thom Filicia Inc. - Interior Fabrication, George P. Johnson Company - General Contractor, Tanseisha Company Ltd.

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