ESPN Traveling Exhibit: Hartford, Connecticut

Exhibit Plan

The flooring is SportCourt tiles which are used for hockey, volleyball, gymnasiums, etc. 

As the spectator moves around to the east of the exhibit, he is mesmerized by the peculiar use of water cascading down the side of the tower. This powerful effect is complemented by a projection screen behind the water that shows a loop of clever “fish - eye” images. At one moment the visitor sees Olympic swimmers streaming by with ESPN written on their trunks, the next, a mountain bike crashes into the pool of water with ESPN branded on the tires, then the crew boats slide by with ESPN marked on the hull. All of this is followed up with ducks gently swimming by with ESPN tattooed on their webbed feet.

1543 Brobridge Drive / Jackson, Mississippi 39211

 tel (601) 957-9660 


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