ESPN Traveling Exhibit: Hartford, Connecticut

From whatever direction the visitor approaches the exhibit, he will immediately be intrigued by the unique presentation of sports icons, equipment, and surfaces. The 70’ x 70’ space is carefully planned to maximize the corporate logo identification from all perspectives. To capture the viewers attention from across the convention floor a dynamic tower and overhead structure displays ESPN logos and programming footage.

As the spectator nears the exhibit, he is compelled to investigate the details of this unexpected visual sports celebration. From the southern surround, he is presented with the unanticipated view of a tower made from a vertical section of a basketball court complete with ESPN’s logo painted behind the baseline. Next to this, a Nascar racer has screamed into the exhibit to come to rest as if it has just finished a race. Integral to the reception desk is the overhead structure supporting larger - than - life - size representations of different types of balls: golf, basketball, baseball, etc.

The spectator is not only fascinated by the novel application of sports icons, equipment, and surfaces on the exhibit structures, but also by what is underfoot. Astroturf encircles the reception desk and continues up the sides of the desk. Acrylic ESPN logos are mounted to the sides of the desk to continue to show the breadth of ESPN programming. To further identify the variety of ESPN programming, information kiosks representing each different ESPN channel are strategically placed throughout the exhibit. Off to the right of the reception desk, special acrylic wall panels combine with black and white graphics to suggest frozen moments of activity from several sporting events. These acrylic panels are connected with specific hardware to allow the panels to form the arched walls of a conference area.

Concept Drawings

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