ESPN Traveling Exhibit: Hartford, Connecticut

Exhibit Perspective

Further around the exhibit, the spectator encounters a huge tennis racket angled out into the air ready to return that overhead slam shot. Underneath this sensational representation of the racket, one peeks in amid the transparent strings to view the absurd use of a ping pong table as the conference table. The rest of the conference area is complete with other curious details, such as, a tennis ball chandelier.

The next element to catch the eye is the “Dugout” refreshment area. The theme is carried out with the use of a simulated baseball diamond as the flooring.

In the center of the exhibit, a running track leads you to activities within the booth. A recreation room faces south and is located at the center of the booth. It has an acrylic disk with sports names on it like the one in the ESPN sales video. The visitor will enter and will be invited to become a contestant in a game where one spins the disk to select a sport about which he will be asked a trivia question. To further the concept of the unexpected, this area will have absurd combinations of sports equipment making up normal everyday recreation room details. For instance, overhead may be a ceiling fan made out of bicycle spokes.

This exhibit was designed so that the elements easily rearrange into a 30’ x 90’ configuration for the Western Cable Show. The proposed layout continues with the concept of “Theatre of the Absurd” and also incorporates all of ESPN’s programs so the viewer understands the full scope and potential of ESPN.

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